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After a meeting


Send an accessible meeting summary to everyone that attended the meeting, including support people.


This should include:

  • what happened in the meeting, with recording if available

  • details of next steps, for example, follow up activities or next meeting

Arrows pointing from an easy read document to 3 people


Make sure everyone understands how to get paid back for their travel and other costs​. 

Reach out directly to people who have not asked for money back and give them support to make the request.

An arrow pointing from a bus and a train to a hand holding money


​Ask for feedback on how the meeting went. 

Keep your feedback questions short, clear and easy to understand. 

Ask for ways that the meeting's accessibility could be improved. 

You can ask for feedback  through a follow up call, a short form, or through email. 

A feedback survey next to a phone and an email icon

Useful resources

An easy read document

Example of a Feedback Form


Example of a expense claim form  

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