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Employing people

Employing people with intellectual disabilities shows that your organisation values and respects the experiences and skills of people with intellectual disabilities.

It shows that you want your staff to be as diverse as our communities, and it shows that your organisation role models the inclusive community that you want to see.
Jobs for people with intellectual disabilities must be meaningful and useful, like any other employee without an intellectual disability. All employment contracts and working conditions (including wages) should be fair and equal to people without disabilities. 

Self-advocates told us:

  • It is difficult to find and apply for jobs because applications are not accessible

  • ​​Often the only jobs that organisations will hire people with intellectual disabilities for are jobs that they think are "easy" or less important

  • People do not get good support when they are at work

  • Co-workers will often exclude people and not treat them like a real part of the team

Parts of employment:

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