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Common Questions

This page explains the answers to some of the questions about Listen Include Respect that many people ask.

If you have a question that you think should be added, let us know through the form on our Contact Us page.

Which section of the guidelines should I read first?

Start by reading the Principles of Listen Include Respect page - this will help you understand what is means to be an inclusive organisation. It will help explain some of the big goals that organisations are working towards.

Once you know about the big ideas behind Listen Include Respect, you can find how-to guides about different topics. The sections on inclusive meetings, communicating in an inclusive way, and accessible information are usually a good place to start. You can find a list of all of the how-to sections here.

You can also go to our homepage to watch a video about how to use the guidelines.

What is the difference between the Listen Include Respect Guidelines and Listen Include Respect Services?

The Listen Include Respect Guidelines are a website that explains how organisations can include people with intellectual disabilities in their work. The guidelines are online and free for anyone to use.

Listen Include Respect Services is a service that organisations can use to get more help making their work inclusive. Experts who have intellectual disabilities can help organisations do things like train their staff about inclusion, make accessible documents, give advice about hiring, plan inclusive events, and more. Learn more about how Listen Include Respect Services can help you here.

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