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Listen Include Respect – Services 


Listen Include Respect Services will help organisations to become more inclusive.  

Experts from Inclusion International and Down Syndrome International's networks will support them to understand and use the guidelines in their work. 

Here are some examples of the type of support Listen Include Respect Services will provide:

  • Virtual or in-person training for staff on inclusive participation

  • Creation of information and content in accessible formats

  • Support with planning inclusive events and conferences 

  • Running inclusive consultations 

  • Advice on inclusive recruitment and hiring 


Consultant role 

We want a big network of self-advocate experts, available to help organisations be better at including people with intellectual disabilities. 

We are looking for self-advocates to be part of this work as consultants. 

A consultant is like a paid advisor. 

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Type of jobs


  • Most work will be online.

  • Feedback or reference group development work on easy-to-understand resources 

  • Feedback or reference group development work on inclusive events / training meetings

  • Online briefings and top level advice based on personal experience

  • Training on area of personal experience 

Consultant role 


Other things to think about: 

  • Not a full-time job and is based on projects that come in.

  • Some projects are long, some are very short. 

  • Most of the time you will work online like this meeting.

  • You wont always be working with same people – their may be different people each time

  • You can always choose your support person 

  • You can say no to projects 

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  • Before you can do paid work - you will need to do some free training.

  • The free training will be 3 x 2 hour sessions and will take place over 3 months. 

  • Once you have completed the training you will be put onto the listen Include Respect consultant list. 

  • (Some people are already trained on Listen Include Respect)

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Expectations of Self advocates

  • Come to all the meeting you agree to attend 

  • You can decide on your support 

  • Attend training to understand the guidelines 

  • If you agree to work on a project, you will be available to complete all the tasks set. 

  • Tell us if you need extra support or don’t understand


Expectations of supporters 


  • Help self advocate understand how it will affect benefits, taxes. 

  • Complete all sessions you agree to support 

  • Help self-advocate prepare for session and understand topics

  • Support with keeping track of meetings and deadlines

  • Support the person the speak for themselves

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Expectations of Listen Include Respect Team

We will: 

  • Train you on Listen Include Respect 

  • Keep you on a list 

  • Contact with opportunities when they come in

  • Be clear on roles (Not a full-time job) 


How the projects work and your pay

Each project will have a different number of sessions. 

5 X Sessions every week for 5 weeks 
4 X Sessions – 1 session a month for 4 months. 
1 X Session – A one off meeting

Each session is paid at:
£100 for self advocates
£100 for supporters 

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Each project will have a different number of sessions.

There are three parts to each




If you want to become a consultant for Listen Include Respect services. Fill out this form. 

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