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What is an inclusive organisation?

People with intellectual disabilities and their families told us that there are 8 big ideas or actions that they see in organisations that are inclusive.

Inclusive organisations understand and act on these big ideas about inclusion and participation:

1    Believing in Inclusion

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Inclusive organisations know that no one is "too disabled" to take part - they believe that everyone can and should be included and take part in their communities in a meaningful way.

2    Creating opportunities for
      self-advocate leadership


Inclusive organisations know that without strong self-advocates, inclusion is not possible.

They create opportunities for self-advocates to be representatives, have their voices heard, and have their decisions respected.

3    Building awareness and

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Inclusive organisations push back against discrimination and stereotypes within and outside of their organisation.

They understand about the barriers that people with intellectual disabilities face. They take responsibility for everyone in their organisation being informed and inclusive.

4    Communicating in an
      accessible way


Inclusive organisations want everyone to be able to understand and use their work.

They plan for inclusive communications from the beginning, they include people with intellectual disabilities in their plans, and they know that accessibility cannot be an afterthought or a tick-box exercise.

5    Providing reasonable


Inclusive organisations take the time to listen to each person about their specific needs, and take action to remove barriers and give accommodations.

6    Valuing the Process

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Inclusive organisations know inclusion is not just about the result, it is about the process.

They include people with intellectual disabilities at all stages of their work, which makes their work more inclusive.

7    Using the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities


Inclusive organisations use the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) as a guide for their work.

They respect the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. They work towards meaningful participation, full accessibility, and ending segregation in all parts of their work.

8    Understanding that inclusion is
      a journey


Inclusive organisations know that inclusion is a journey. No organisation will be perfect right away.


It may be a slow process, but inclusive organisations know we all have a responsibility to change the way we work to become more inclusive.

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